Influenza poses a particular threat to...Influenza is a dangerous viral infection. It is highly contagious, and even during the season it does not affect all people. Physicians have compiled a short list of categories of people for whom the risk of contracting ARI, SARS and influenza is particularly large:

  • children under 5 (especially under 2);
  • pregnant;
  • persons over the age of 65;
  • overweight people;
  • diabetics;
  • patients with bronchial asthma;
  • patients with chronic cardiovascular disease;
  • patients with chronic lung disease;
  • people with other severe chronic diseases;
  • patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy.

For people in these risk groups, the flu is a particular threat, as the condition of their body significantly reduces the chances of recovery without complications.

In addition, there are professional risk groups (health workers, teachers and educators, salespeople, public transport drivers, all those who work in crowded places). These people do not have the opportunity to avoid being near the sick, so for them all the means of infection control and prevention of influenza are of particular importance.