Some of the most popular questions from parentsIs it possible to bathe a child with a cold?

This question is rooted in the days when there was no hot water in the houses, and children washed in the trough in the halls or in the bath, there could be even more sick. In the XXI century, bathing a cold child is possible and necessary, but it is worth remembering that a hot bath with a high body temperature is strictly contraindicated. It is enough to be limited to a warm shower.

How can you tell that a child has recovered?

If the temperature has returned to normal and remains at this level for three days, this can be considered the beginning of recovery. A good sign is the transition from dry to wet cough. However, if the sputum has turned yellow or green, or the temperature has returned after a few days, you need to see a doctor again, because most likely the bacterial infection has joined the cold.

What food does a sick child need?

With fever, all the forces of the body are spent on fighting the infection, and the digestion of heavy protein foods requires a lot of energy. Therefore, at high temperatures, food should be light, rich in carbohydrates and vitamins. Enhanced nutrition is suitable for a child who is recovering, it will help restore her strength.