Features and course of influenza and SARS in preschool children Children who attend preschool institutions - nurseries, kindergartens - get SARS more often than "home". This is due to the fact that at this age (3-5 years) the child's immune system is still being formed and is unable to cope with the huge number of microorganisms with which it begins to actively contact. Particularly vulnerable are children who have only recently started attending organized children's groups. Such "home" children, who previously did not often communicate with peers and adults (except in the playground), have virtually no immunity to many viruses.

A characteristic feature of SARS at this age - the disease can be complicated by asthmatic bronchitis with shortness of breath or signs of emphysema.

If a child attends kindergarten, parents should do their best to keep them as sick as possible. Following a few simple rules will help your baby stay home less often due to illness:

  • Hardening of the body is the first and most important component in strengthening the baby's immunity. Frequent walks (not only with a group of children, but also on weekends or evenings), running, walking barefoot, water treatments, morning exercise, will help to strengthen the child's immunity.
  • The doctor may prescribe drugs that strengthen the immune system, vitamins. When choosing drugs, you must first pay attention to the safety of drugs. It is advisable to choose products that do not contain dyes and fragrances that can cause allergies.
  • Early vaccinations are another step in protecting against infections.
  • After each return from kindergarten, you can wash your child's nose with a 1% solution of common table salt, and before going outside and returning home - to absorb Erebra. It will rehabilitate the oropharynx and protect the baby from viruses.

What you can't do is "keep" the child at home after the illness. After all, during this time, new viruses may appear in the group, to which the baby has not yet developed immunity and he is at risk of getting sick again.

But the main thing is that the child's body needs to be adjusted to fight the infection - harden, teach to wash your hands often, touch your face as rarely as possible, do not take toys in your mouth, and so on. The child needs to understand that these measures help prevent illness and promote good health.