How not to treat the flu and colds in childrenMistake 1. Do not call a doctor

It is not necessary to be engaged in independent treatment of the child and to hope for a miracle. Only an experienced doctor can prescribe the right treatment for your child individually.

Mistake 2. Immediately "bring down" the temperature

Rising temperatures are the body's protective response to infection, during which time protective factors are produced to help the body overcome the disease.

Until the doctor comes, the temperature can not be lowered to 38.5˚ C, if the child behaves calmly. When a child behaves restlessly, or he has concomitant diseases, it is desirable to give him a pediatric antipyretic, after consulting a doctor. In any case, keep in mind that only paracetamol or ibuprofen are suitable as antipyretic drugs for the child. Aspirin is strictly forbidden.

You can try to "bring down" the temperature with the help of proven folk remedies: give to drink compote or cherry juice, undress the child and wipe the skin with cool water with vinegar or lemon, lubricate the heels, wrists with lemon.

Mistake 3. Take antibiotics

As much as doctors have already said that antibiotics do not work on viruses (and the flu is caused by a virus), people's belief in the effectiveness of these drugs against the flu is not weakening. Sometimes it is based on the fact that "an acquaintance had the flu, the doctor prescribed him an antibiotic - and he was cured immediately."

Tip. If a doctor prescribes antibiotics for someone with the flu, it means that he has a suspicion of complications of the flu with a bacterial infection that caused bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis, etc. In this case, you really can not do without antibiotics. But taking them without such indications only weakens the body and prevents it from fighting viruses.

Mistake 4. Treat the flu with homeopathic remedies

There is no scientifically substantiated evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies against influenza virus and SARS, so they are not recommended worldwide for the treatment of any life-threatening infections, including influenza. The use of drugs with unproven effectiveness in such conditions is considered a sign of irresponsible attitude to the life of a sick child.

Mistake 5. Treatment exclusively by folk remedies

Treatment with folk remedies alone is ineffective and dangerous, as no herbal decoctions, teas and tinctures affect the flu virus. However, folk remedies can be used to alleviate the symptoms of the flu - provided they are used properly without abuse.

Mistake 6. Late start of antiviral therapy.

Sometimes mothers of children with influenza do not immediately start the right treatment, but initially limit themselves, for example, to the use of folk remedies.

It is proved that the best effect of therapy is achieved with the use of antiviral drugs in the first 48 hours after the disease. Therefore, antiviral therapy should be started with the help of an effective and reliable drug "Erebra®" as soon as possible, at the first symptoms of the disease.