How to reduce the risk of influenza and SARS in children?The main direction in the prevention of influenza in children is compliance with non-specific prevention measures: заходів профілактики:

  • Observance of hygiene rules. Parents should teach their children to wash their hands regularly with a soap solution from an early age.
  • Providing access to fresh air. Dry and hot air is an excellent environment for the spread of the flu virus, so regular ventilation of the room is a prerequisite for the prevention of influenza, even in the cold season.
  • Use personal protective equipment in the form of a gauze bandage, which should be changed at least once every 2 hours.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle in the form of regular night sleep, walks in the fresh air, a balanced diet, no psycho-emotional outbursts.
  • To prevent the spread of the flu virus indoors, where there is a large concentration of children, you should use phytoncide sprays in the form of essential oils.
  • In infants, the best method of influenza prevention is to promote breastfeeding, because breast milk contains the maximum concentration of substances that have protective properties.
  • Supports high humidity in the room. This can be achieved in several ways: with regular wet cleaning, salt sprays, and the use of special moisturizers.

Specific preventive measures in the form of vaccination in pediatrics are the most effective, but children under the age of six months are prohibited from using the influenza vaccine.

In addition, effective and safe herbal remedies, such as the herbal antiviral drug Erebra®, can be used to prevent influenza and SARS in children.