The main priority in the activities of the company «Geolik Farm Marketing Group» is to provide the population with high-quality medicines. In order to make the treatment process more effective and safe, we need to maintain feedback with health professionals, consumers and distributors.

Therefore, if as a result of taking our medicines, you have information about an adverse reaction, the appearance of an unexpected therapeutic effect or the lack of effectiveness of the drug, we ask to inform us about this:

  1. Call us: +38(044)239-2641 and ask a pharmacovigilance specialist;
  2. Fill «Card-message» or «Card-message for medical workers» and send to farmakonadzor@gfmg.ua;
    If you have any questions or difficulties in completing the card, please contact an authorized person with pharmacovigilance:
    Phone: +38(044)239-2641 /on weekdays during office hours/, or +38(050)383-4905 /24 hours a day/
  3. 3. Fill out the online form: for specialists or for consumers

«The control of the safety of medicinal products during their use in Ukraine is regulated by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 27.12.2006 No. 898 "On approval of the procedure for pharmacovigilance for adverse reactions of medicinal products permitted for medical use " with amendments and additions.»

Appendix 6
to the Procedure for the Implementation of Pharmacovigilance
(subparagraph 3 of paragraph 1 of Section IV)

Medical documentation
Form No.137/o

about the adverse reaction (hereinafter AR) of the medicinal product (hereinafter MP) and/or lack of effectiveness (hereinafter LE) MP

I.Patient Information

man   woman

II.Suspected AR/LE

Yes   No
  • death patient
        (date of death)
  • threats to life
  • hospitalization / prolongation of hospitalization of the patient
  • long-term incapacity for work
  • congenital malformations
  • another important medical evaluation
  • disability

III.Suspect Information MP

Measures that have been taken against suspect MPs for AR/LE correction
Yes   No
Yes   No

IV.Information about companion MP

(except for MP that were used to correct the consequences of AR/LE)

V.Information about the notifier

VI.Information about the medical/pharmaceutical specialist

(if not the notifier)

Appendix 2
to the Procedure for the Implementation of Pharmacovigilance
(subparagraph 5 of paragraph 1 of section III)

to provide the patient and/or his representative with information on the adverse reaction (hereinafter AR) of the medicinal product (hereinafter MP) and/or lack of effectiveness (hereinafter LE) MP

Patient Information

Information about the suspect MP

Yes   No
Yes   No

Information about the notifier

Information on the physician, health care institution and place of residence of the patient who has observed AR MP and/or LE MP

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